Best way to earn Indian Links website

How to work in self earning Indian links website question mark?

In this website, the working process is very simple pasta for its basically URL shortener method website so you can create your own link and you can work with a lifelong method. This is the process of the earring method in the website of the Indian name.

Step 1

After upload signs up you will enter in the dashboard and you will get a 1 empty page with a short link form and then you need to place any kind of website URL like,, like any kind of website URL. what you know and then you need to click compress are URL shortener button and after that, the short note process will happen and after that, you will get a one link from self-learning website and that link is very very important on the yawning process. Because that link makes you are richer than now so the link is the very most important process of this earning method.

step 2

And after getting a new link you don’t want to create any other links because the one link is enough for your earning after that you will notice what VPN in the website of today. There were four types of a timing schedule or available on the website dashboard this website is based on the time process. so, first of all, you need to know this and read out the rules of the timing process first-time schedule is morning 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. and after the Second schedule is 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and the third schedule is 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and after that 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next day morning 10:00 a.m. still 1 schedule this is the four type of schedules are available in Indian links self earning website. so, you should follow the rules of the timing process if you work in the morning then you need to know that is what rules are available in the time. if you’re working Maa afternoon then you should check the timing schedule and rules of the timing schedule and then you will going to enter the real work and after the steps, you need to copy that URL bought a shortened from this website.

step 3

After copy the valid URL from the website of self-learning Indian names you need to paste in new incognito mode, you are must need to open a new incognito mode on your Chrome browser in this type of earning the Chrome browser is very must for this type of earning method. so, you should open a new incognito mode on your Chrome browser after creating a new incognito mode and you need to paste the copied Link from an Indian website, and that you will get a popup window on the Incognito mode and after that you need to click any place of that chrome page and you need to Tab 3 time of the website. And after that, you will get on the capture page on that website if anything wrong with the above process and you will not get the capture page correctly. so, please follow the above rules and process and after that, you will get a 1 capture page on the website and after that, you will wrong capture or anything like a single word they will accept or you will give any letter on capture box and after that, you will type any letter in the captcha box. It will accept and after that, you don’t confuse anything because that capture words are capture but not correct or any wrong because they will accept any word so don’t worry of it if you are wrong capture word. so, don’t worry of it they will accept any word so don’t worry of it after that captcha filling process you need to click continue.

step 4

And after three processes you will go to the counter page is very most important you will wait for a second are less than 2 seconds you need to wait for the process and after 2 seconds account will be zero. And after that, you will get getting a button on the website and after that, you need to select the get link button and you will get your compress the link like Google Instagram Twitter what you compressed on URL shortener process. so this is the most important process of the learning methods and after these four steps you will get a count on the dashboard like a one this is the mountain of even this is the process of one count and then you will get one count on the dashboard.

Payment :

Dev based on CPM rates if you 10000 times then you will get 1.35 dollar for thousand times, it’s an Indian based website. so, there are Alto bags on Indian money so if you are Indian this website is more comfortable for your Indian timings and Indian process so if you are in me and you can make more money compared to an active job.

what is the payment time?

You can get it anytime and anywhere, the payment directly sent to you PhonePe or PayPal or Google pay is Paytm which is more comfortable for you! they will send the payment to your account within one hour reaching 3000 Indian Rubies. so, please concentrate on that the minimum payment amount is 3000 on this website so please be concentrate on that my suggestion is after reaching 30000 you can get directly to your bank account without any transaction fee or any commission. so, that is the best suggestion from my side to my customers and friends.

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