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How to earn from language

This website is one of the best websites for professional and affordable interrupting services, in this website, there are a lot of freelancing works are available, basically, it’s translating service or the best service on this website. so, a lot of worldwide customers are available for translating one language into another language so if you know two languages then you can join and learn fast and easily.


In this world 25 million Limited English speakers living in the United States today another 10 million 9 days are hard of hearing taken together those two communities amount to more than 10 percent of the US population. so, in this website they are doing a connecting lot of people into one platform who knows English more than a native speaker of the world so you know English very well then you can earn monthly $3000 so this is the best website for translating files and lot of customers access to Limited English speakers as well as the deaf and hard of hearing paved the way towards trust and language lion is differentiated by the degree to which De De Gallo the user to differentiate themselves and each of them is of equal importance and better than anyone else. Then on-demand interprets IT Solution to improve people and organization to express their individuality so there are a lot of available for English translator if you know English and your mother tongue accepts English so you can earn easily within seconds their clients can receive one touch one demand interrupting more than 240 languages. we are mobile video and phone and each of these farmers’ contents uses with their superior team of more than 12000 professional interrupters. so, a lot of trusted customers give a project to the language lion team so they were giving the opportunity to freelancers more than 12000 professional interrupters De offering also freelancers. so, if you know English and one more language then you can earn monthly $3000 on the language plan solution website.

Signup process

On this website, the sign-up process is a little bit different from another website because they have a lot of two-way authentication tab and password cancellation and phone number verification, and email verification. As they have a lot of rules and regulations and terms and conditions because they have one IP with phone number and email for one single user if you sign up or if you’re trying to sign up with the same phone with another new account they will directly reject your sign up process and you can’t make another account so this is a little bit very tough and very different from another website. who are offering to freelance and translating work so this is a very main process from start the translating work and yarn from this website so this is very big different and very difficult compared to another website.

Work process

This website based on us the number of US citizens who speaks a language other than English at home amounting to more than 54 million people and the expert size of their country’s foreign-born population is just 25 years almost double what is today show 90 percent of North American population growth that will come from migration over the next 40 years age 90 percentage and 48 % of our migrations. who are not proportionate in English meaning they are entitled to language assistance the language line show illusion difference they are partner with you to deliver state-of-the-art language coverage, so if you know English very much for very fluency so you can join this website.

Training process

After sign up with the language line website they giving the best training to you because they need trustable and quality workers for their trustable customers and they have world-class linguistics Desh search the Global for the finest interpreters and translators then provide continuous training and education. After that only they giving the project to you so after good training process you will know more about the translation and you will get a better experience about the translator and in this website implementation support also available they provide assistance with the in and of installation of elimination of your language of access problem program. so, you don’t worry if what you know what you don’t know because they teach each and everything for the translation process and they have robust reporting each and every day so that customer reporting allows you to understand your usage so you can maximize your work and your time in and your schedule. Because you need to decide your working time wherever whenever you want so if they basically freelancing website so you can your easily whenever wherever you want.

After the training process you need to pass one test from the language line teeth after the pass of the test then only you can a member of the language line website or otherwise, you will not be allowed to work with language line so please be careful on the test because the test also based on your speaking skill and translating skill. so, if you pass very well with good mark are good percentage with that test then a lot of customers request to you finish the Direct project so please make best in that testing process because that will decide your best freelancer on that website so please be careful on that.

Payment method

This is the US website so they are paying via PayPal after reaching $15 they will directly transfer your amount to your PayPal account after that you can transfer to your bank account. Because they have a minimum payout dollars that are called $15 for people and if you are a paid user they fixed $25 for minimum payout and at bank transfer, after reaching $50 only you can transfer your amount to a bank account so PayPal is the best for the language lion website.

And my suggestion also your PayPal because if you want to get without a transaction fee on this website uses PayPal because of the other two way of payment methods that take 2.5 % of your payment. so, if you don’t want to lose your money then use PayPal table is the best forward by transaction and please make your payment as a monkey wife because the monthly payment is the best for you and I’m also because you will get a huge dollars from them so, that is good for a payment process.

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