Best Way to earn Meesho App

How to make money from the Meesho app

In the Meesho app, you can make money from easy by sharing the product from your WhatsApp group or a Facebook group are any other group that is a very very simple way to make money. It’s more than like the affiliate marketing of Amazon and Flipkart like that this is the basic affiliate marketing idea so if you want to make huge money from home then this is the best opportunities for students and homemakers and ladies and office colleagues and accept this is the best app  for the money-making from home. it’s a very simple way so please read out the content fully and you can get more ideas from Meesho.


What is affiliate marketing? affiliate marketing is a simple process it’s a commission-based process if you know how to sell on product from Amazon and Flipkart. Then you can make money from affiliate marketing this is a simple process if you sell on a mobile phone that price like 10k then you can get a commission from Flipkart and Amazon based on the product price. If you fail very low price like a hundred bus then you can get a very very low commission from Amazon and Flipkart otherwise if you sell a high budget product then you can get a high percentage of each and every product sale.

Mizo you can get each and every product Commission for the failing process compared to Amazon Flipkart they will only choose what Commission you will get back in my show. you can select and you can fix your commission what you want to get from that sale. so, this is very user-friendly and you can make more money compared to Flipkart and Amazon so this is a very simple process to make money from home.


The basic process of the Meesho app is if you select one product with a price of 10k then the basic amount is 10k then you can fix your commission like if you want to sell the product with 1K profit. Then you can sell than you want to select one 11000 for the product price and then you need to share that link of the product and the link goes to your friends or any other customers. They will buy the product with the track then you will get immediately to your account with the profit of unke so this is a very simple process.

What are the needs?

In this app you want to make money then you want to create on WhatsApp group and the Telegram group is a Facebook group whatever group you want to make you can make The E-Commerce Meesho app selling. If you at the interested people who buy regularly in Amazon and Flipkart then you can make a cute profit from that groups are otherwise if you had your friends that do not make a big sense are big deal so please concentrate on that process because you need to choose your customer in Unique way. If you get a lot of people who are interested in e-commerce then you are having work is very simple you just need to copy and paste the offer in your group so this is a very simple process or otherwise if you add your friends are any other people. who are not interested in e-commerce are you by then that is not a make a Big deal, so please be concentrate on that group because that is their very effective work are very smart work on this Meesho app process so please be concentrate and please be professional on that WhatsApp group creating because that peoples are very interested to buy offer products so if you give the best offer to them then they will by definitely.

How to start?

If you have a Facebook account then you can make a Meesho account that is very simple that is very that much simple to open a new account from MI.  so, if you have a Facebook account add a Gmail account if you have a phone number then that is a very simple process to make an account in nature app. so after the creation of an account in Meesho then you will get verification from Meesho verification team under process you will get a 1 OTP from Meesho team which was entered by yourself( phone number) after the verification you will enter the Meesho affiliate program, this is very much easier than Facebook account creation.

How to promote !?

First of all, you need to filter your products what you want to sale in this process there is a two way to filter the products first way is what type of customers you have, in this process are in this way it’s based on your customer’s interest. If your customers are male more than 90% date then you need to filter the men’s product are if you are customers are based 90% age above women then you need to filter women’s products it’s a fast way you need to filter. what interested customers are what products are interested in your customers please are the first way and this is the best way also because if your concern customer interest in your product then you will make a huge profit from this way and the second way is a little bit difficult because of what type of knowledge you have, because sometimes if you know what is the product prices are what are the products original price then you have huge knowledge on some kind of products then you can sell like a marketing platform right. If you have more knowledge about men’s product then you can fix the product price in our Commission price in a ceiling pricing then you can make a huge profit from this wave this is based on only on you because you have the idea of a shoe how to how to sale this product with a minimum profit if you sell one product with a huge profit. That is not a very big deal if you sell a hundred plus products with the minimum for profit then you can make huge money from this Meesho app this is the second tactic to make we improve your sale on this platform.

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