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Basically, it Crowds a Sourcing website, Compact to a lot of crowdfunding are proud based workers website this is the best Crowd Sourcing website because they Pay high compared to another website. so you can work simple works like subscribe liking sharing videos romantic videos watching a YouTube video watching s45 song and develop these simple works available microworkers website. so you can earn more by your work not by your skill so it’s very easy everyone can you know how to use social media how to use mobile then you can young and microworkers.

Type of works

This website for the type of work is data mining collecting and extract Hotel specifications perfect for collecting specifications of establishments such as hotel restaurant shops. Example easy to edit depending on your desired requirement because you will choose like a tickbox checkbox. so you can work easily on the date of my name website for bike and visit all you have to do is use this template to get the necessary details for your database. so they offer a lot of templates and designs for your project. so you simply contain and collect some date of kya website will be provided to you where you will search for the required specification read the attention Box with proper guidance so you can select what type of souls you need an example provided in this text field day of them are you want to search and where you find the information of data mining. If you want to collect finding bike model specification then you mean to search Crowell from UK sides for all brands if there is no UK page says use European and international trade so, there they give a perfect example and perfect qualities for your data mining so you definitely want to read and you need to know this that information and then only you can walk and find about the information what they want and you need to give the perfect data to the customer like bike color bike model bike side bike price and extra.

And the second type of work is Subway, which needs you to need to use the exam to the type of template to know how the public responds to your product by asking questions preparing to the quality volume of money how often the product is used product comparison and extra. so, you need to fill the survey form everyone knows how to fill a survey so if you know how to fill survey the new Canyon in If you didn’t know how to fill the survey then don’t worry because they have a tutorial video and they have a lot of trains from the micro worker’s website. so you will learn easily and you will easily also…

And the bitter type of work is content moderation, owner of the work of content moderation is age categorization, they give the example of template simplifies the work. How to identify the age group of frozen ideal also for categorize products or services like food thoughts feelings and emotions website and extract some of the customers of micro workers need to know about the age categories with information like 10 to 20 at 2255 people. They need what the content or what the product will give satisfied from the customer so they are offering work to micrococcus and they he was the offers to us and they need vitamin the age of the percent show 1 select and buttons for the categorized photo show and by that customer and indicate the number of persons in the photo shows one for each age category it is zero if men like they give examples, of photos if the photo is gay fill up the file by the child then you need to take the child if the image is given by the young adult then you need to pick young then give some image cube by adding ultimate adult or old you need to select old so it is a very simple form to work unit you just need to click the checkbox.

Another type of work is sentiment analysis BA results from the task will be used in an emotion Association lexicon and they will present you with forward and ask you to decide. which word is the most and least associated with the term provided and answer honestly because your each and every answer will change and each and every honest answer only you got paid so any response that is determined to be and helpful will be rejected the last questions provide your free-response area to provide an answer in Swedish Step Up like this type of Danish languages. Those who give a correct and perfect response of all sentiment analysis then only you got a bonus, these are the example of thing comment and analysis work example if identify the term with anger options.

one is MS behavior and the second one Bloom and the third one is the back and forth one is the most associated turn is MS behavior the place associated word is Bloom. so, these are the example work of the sentiment analysis so this is very very simple then you can really very simple by your sitting next to your bad are so far are whatever whenever you can.

Another type of work is content moderation

In this work do you have a list of cities and countries that you want to check if it agreed in your other file with to use of the template matching record has never been this easy? so this is to work simple to work because you need to match the countries and you need to check which cities and which countries definition from the example tables so you need to find the city to the country in Google map show the all location matches. Business Innovation from the example file to Spain then you need to fill this all location from Spain this is a simple work, after matching the discrimination please building table half according to your finding because each and every work need to fill the tables of microworkers website in case no matches found in table 5 to the destination in the table please, fill none without the quotation marks in the to empty columns because they need proper and clear content for the customer so they need quality work for the contaminant customer satisfaction so please work properly and honestly Tu Degi destination and countries. you need to match the destination and match the countries you need to fill these two types of blanket blank tables so if you feel correct and properly then you will get a proper bonus and proper rewards from microworkers.

And this is the part on of microworkers website and part 2 is given below the link go on click and know more about microworkers.

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