Best way to earn money by watching videos & ads from neobux

How to make money by watching videos and watching ads!? In neobux website

Part 2(To check Part1 follow by link click here)
First I will teach how to join in
Step 1 signup
Step 2 sign in
Step 3 work
Step 4 payment
Step 5 policy
Step 1(signup)

Let me show you how to join this order screenshot of neobux Sign up page.

Registration form you want to fill your username and you need to create one secret password and you need to confirm your secret password the password must contain a numeric number alphanumeric number and special character and kept character if the condition will not supposed to fulfill then you will not enter the correct password so please mind of the password and then you need to fill your email address in email form and must you want to give a refer ID it’s yeah user of neobux , if you if you are referred by someone you need to enter the person’s ID are the person’s refer ID this is most important thing you need to join in neobux so you must feel the referee ID if you’re not have referral ID that’s not possible to join in so please mind and please take care of referral ID please get the referee id from your friends and the next you need to fill your birth year In lot of websites they need your date of birth and month and year in this website they only want you but here so it is very user friendly process and you need to feel the am not Robot captcha box for solving media and then you need to agree the conditions its declared to have read understood and accepted the terms of service and privacy policies and you need give your concern to the processing of your personal data and then finally you need to continue the next process.

Step 2(sign in)

And after the successful registration you will receive one verification mail from neobux Peene so then only you will enter the neobux pm if you are not getting verification mail or you will not reach the verification mail via PO Box then you will not be supposed allowed to enter the PO Box so you must careful on verification you are male and then you will only allow you will get a sign-in page, in this sign-in page you need to fill your username and password secondary password is Mars important in sign up page if you do not remember your password then you need to recover your password by verifying your email if you’re getting your recovered password then only you will be allowed to enter our neobux team, so don’t worry for the recover password it’s a very simple process you will get your recovered password are reset password within 1 minute so don’t worry of it.

Step 3(work)

After the successful sign in you will get a dashboard interface in your then you need to select what type of AD you need to watch they have a lot of ADS and videos and video games and extra for more money so you need to select your best ad type for your entertainment and getting money also so this is a very fun and interesting way to make money by using your neobux if you will your forum then you will get more income that very difficult to get forum option because you need to fill 250 at then only you will get a forum button so that that’s very difficult you will learn by normally just watching ads watching videos and playing video games and you need to serve a lot of services given by other websites. so you will earn more by using your neobux so don’t worry about your forum activation first you will finish your target and wait for your form button and then there is a lot of offers a going there to make reward points in this new box you will only reward points then you need to convert as a dollar of your reward points if you get more reward points and then you will get more and more real USD dollars in your account lot of success stories on their website because they provide a lot of payment proof future request member introduction at price Mini jobs so you will trust and earn money by using your box so don’t worry of running behind the money.
People have a lot of doubt about neobux and some people had few questions about payment method if Neo box is a free worldwide service available in a multi-language environment yes it’s absolutely free and you will earn money by using your box so then your box service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisements on our site and user to earn money by using that advertisement basically its advertisement website so don’t worry if it.

Step 4(Payment)

A lot of friends ask to me how much can I earn, I told them if you work hard behind the sense you get the more ultimate profits of neobux so it totally depends on your work the amount of money each user on various based on the user’s membership and packed the type and quantity of advertisements the user views the quantity and the value of the service min jobs and offers the user can plants an the number of games the user place the quantity of 1 or tries the number of referrals the users has and their activity as well. so don’t worry of it it will take care bye neobux the best part of it is that they are no limits regarding how much you can earn that more active your the higher the earning will be because we always appreciate and reward activity we all know that time is money so go ahead to view some advertisements complete some Mini job stocks service offers and watch your earning growing soberly go and earn this is the message given by neobux service and another question also my friends have how exactly do I get paid, this is the most common question to every website and every individual to the neobux and the neobux message to these type of questions is the amount be pay you depends on several different factors first let’s describe the amount you earn per click and for each of your referrals clicks depending on the type of membership you have and the type of the exposed advertisements it basically depends on packages there are 5 type of packages they provided standard package Golden package.

This are the very important processes are given by the neobux 3 because these earrings based on your packages if you select standard packages you will get 0.01 $5 per add view if you select your golden package then you will get 0.020 dollar per click if you select simple package you will get 0.020 dollar per add you click Platinum Diamond you will learn same by the golden package if you select ultimate package you earn as well as same amount of Golden packages and again we talk about referrals if you have direct referrals you will earn 20 percentage of their lifetime income if they earn $2 then you will get 20 sense of their $2 if they earn $20 you will get $2 for sorry $4 for per referrals and by many jobs then you will get 12 % of their lifetime income we talk about your rented referrals it’s called it’s based on referrals of your director referrals if you work rented referrals on $1 you will get fixed percentage of their lifetime income and the minimum amount paid is $2 on the first cash out this amount will increase by $1 for each active cash out until it reads your fix the minimum amount of $10 from the amount paid your fever may be deducted depend on the Payment procedure of use amount of time for payment processing after you request your payment you will receive it instantly in your chosen payment processor account and less some kind of Technical difficulty isl during the process.

Step 5(Privacy policy)

There are lot of privacy policy in these are the policies of, In order to be a user of our website or person needs to register an account by completing the form that is available on the website itself and second form of policy is all data called and provided by the user is essential for the proper functionality of their account Nill including all service provided as well as the safety and overall operation of such service be provided by us or by third parties this is the second most important climate policy because the neobux based on this policy so please be take care of this policy and third and final policy is any account registration made by a person under the age of 16 are under the specified age of concerned to the processing of their personal data as per applicable logically of said persons country or registration is not allowed we will never collect any information from a person under the age of 16 knowingly and it is the responsibility of their legal guidance reference status for parents to prevent such as ensures this policy is one of the main policy of near box they consider about under age of 16 because they will also show like little bit of erotic at or adult at so they will take care about under 16 because it’s a very legal issue of a website in your box they will show a they will not show 18 + as if they show 18 + as its effect under age of 16 persons do so they very much careful about under 16.
So join and earn more.
Thanks for Reading support us.

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