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How to earn by just Translation Your own Language !?

This post is part 2 of Transcribeme website if you are not reading part 1(click Here) just go to a website and see our previous post and just clicked and read fully and then just continued to read this post this is a simple disclaimer for this content.


Our 4 types of services available on the Transcribeme website first one are Transcription and the second one is speech recognition the third one is translation and the fourth one is data entry, first, you gonna see what is speech resignation.

Speech recognition

Transcribeme website offer 0.07 dollars for per audio minute automatic Transcription service and mission Xpress deliveries and the high-quality nose affordable ASR transcription, a lot of people have want simple question how it works how they pay for translating and the solution is the first step you need to upload a file and second transcription magic happens and the third step is download and save.

Step 1

First of all, you need to upload what you want to translate, start by uploading your files into our automated transcription software you can upload files from dropbox and YouTube or just upload any file from your computer it’s like video audio or MP3 format Mp4 format what our file you want to translate to just want to upload and click the button.

step 2

Transcription magic will happen to your uploading files in no time your file will be magically transcripted we use the most advanced technology in the industry to provide explanation results at the lowest price in the market of 2020 is this the best-transcribed website for the audio to text format converting process.

step 3

Enjoy this download and save step is the most favorite step for all people and all users because once you are transcript is completed it will be emailed to you and available for download in multiple formats so you can work more efficiently and save time and money if you are a subscriber of our transcribe website then you don’t worry of the transcript process because we will work for you and you make money for the content if you are a YouTuber are short film creator your subscribers are your content viewer or your fans are all over the world so they can use easily understand you are content so don’t worry. If your content just comes and joins with the Transcribeme website. The Indus market this is the very lowest price our mission Express service allows for fast and affordable transcripts of any volume at only 0.07 Dollars for audio Mannat so I think this is a very lowest price of today’s market so please hurry and John enjoy and quick transaction, just drop your audio and video file into a transcription software sit back and relax and in no time at all you will have a high quality transcription turn around time is 3x the length of your audio file 1 metre for your text 3 – 2 transcription sounds good right because if you don’t want to spend much time to the convention or transcribe you don’t want to spend more money to other web site because it’s very cheapest website in online and if you take 60 minutes of audio it takes only 180 minutes for transcription this is very lowest time for transcription for process and they have enterprise solution also no matter the size of your team or volume of content they can customise their product to work for your organisation. so don’t worry of your content how much length is it admin level access to add team members enterprise building and track what your team has submitted highest level of information security is eatable API in our in this website they are allowed to build API and you can connect easily from anywhere world anywhere at the world at any time because admin level access their will give to you you can view your team members activities and what they stand on what they submit in your project you can easily find what they done so it’s very very good to admin side, this website is very legal spend more time with your clients and less time on paperwork using machine Express because a lot of people have don’t idea Park how to maintain clients and paper works just if you are a subscriber of transcribed website you can manage the client side because they will do your Paypal or so you have lot of time to spend with your clients so this is very legal and easy process and reporters filmmakers radio personalities and countless other benefits from our Transcription Services divorce in this Transcription Services. If you are a reporter just imagine if you are a reporter you can’t spend more time to type your content then you need to send your office on this case you just recorded on adding you’re what you want to want to create on your report than just the transcript MI website will help you to convert media file audio file into the text format and you can just arrange the words then you can easily send to your office this is a very simple way to make content transcript quick affordable transcription for students research of faculty if you are studying person our faculty position in the education industry or research-oriented person you can easily access the Transcribeme website because De Consulting you are the best customer of them so you can easily subscribe them and they walked past for you guys so please use it and make it simple.

Get for accurate transcription for meeting conference and much more, if you are a corporate frozen you want to translate you are meeting content are continents content or Word document format just contact the transcribe website because they will convert audio to a text format that was useful to your confidence are you a business meeting. so please use it and form focus group in-depth interviews to MS governors machine Express is great for any marketing transcription needs in most of case they will use for the transcription method only when they need so if you need a person of transcription then please subscribe to transcribeme website if you are a dedication person to join the team of transcription and you will allowed to join transcribeme website because you are the wonderful person Badi transcribeme website because they need a lot of persons to converting the content if you are transcriptor then please contact the transcribeme website because you will earn more the more you can think because the world best online jobs in 2020 is transcription Because lot of people need to transcript that content or video are meeting or baby Naaz are interviews are wall level interview, so you are very big need person in 2020 and you can earn $1000 per day because your transcriptor man you can join transcribeme website and you can earn more money from transcribeme website. In this website what kind of audio works best because speech to text technology is really smart yet it can’t produce perfect transcription, our automatic transcription software will work just about any file type but below are some standards that will produce the highest quality transcription check out our vision express, in this point the clearly mentioned they can’t transcript any audio Because a lot of people have a doubt how they will converting because there converting by humans if you are you want to join as converter you can join on transcribe New website then how you will transfer the content to text format if you are a human what type of audio you can convert that much of audio Vande allowed in transcribeme website so don’t worry if it is distant because clear audio low MB and noise is the best for transcribeme website.

Terms of service in transcribe a website

Hindi transcribe website quality is a party shall and not granted to the hundred percent accurate the higher the quality of the file you submit the more accurate your transcription will be for more information please read our mission Express transcription flag for the example if you submitted high-quality content then you will get high quality of accuracy level in your text format if you submitted low-quality content then you will receive the very low quality of the text format so please be aware of it.

Pricing calculator

On this website, they have a pricing calculator for each and everyone if you want to calculate your pricing like if you are a client you can calculate your prize amount. If you are a transcriptor than you also you can convert your price in the algorithm of your work enlarge project requiring the need to special requirements get in touch with us for a special rate if you submitted lodge project to the Transcribeme website they will reduce some amount of the whole project because if you are a special customer of them they will reduce some money because they want to keep you happy.

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