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How to make a passive income by instamojo.com?

If you want to know more about creating an account is creating an online store on Instamojo then the previous posts are very relevant for this kind of topic figures are the content. I will teach how to start an online store and how to grow the online store and how to create a customized theme on Instamojo so if you want to know more about that then the link is given below by the ending of the content then click and you can see a lot of information about Instamojo on instance creation. In this context, we will talk about online stores and start building huge customers in Instamojo so if you want to know more about that then you need to read the previous post.

Features :

Start building your store with Instamojo Zinta Tute online store builder they have huge customized and steam and Designs so in online store builder experienced builders available in Instamojo so you don’t care are you don’t worry if your only creating store. so, they will have a better experience with the Builder so you don’t worry about it and 20 + teams. To choose from what you want if you have a photography telling store then they have things like that then if you have an idea of the good electronic online store then they have been like that so what you want to create an online store that they have a suggestion from there will decide. so, you can choose the themes of 20 plus available in instamojo.com and then brand use tour with colors and logos and add your business retail locations and more. If you want to proper and professional online store then you need to give your business details and where your business located and where you’re going to shipping are which type of products are you will shipping are which type of companies you have a tie-up with our partners like that then the customer will mostly like your store and they will visit every day and they will get a notification from each and every update and they will definitely like your online store and Link your custom door mind or email this is the very premium future above all futures are very very free and the user-friendly also but this future is a very very unique and premium feature also. so, if you have a door mine if you want to custom domain and email on Instamojo then you need to pay for it a little bit hi I do not recommend doing this process because the online store is a very free process. so, you can business with a free process are free platform half-yearly free package. so, the package is the best enough if you want to create your custom domain then you can pay are you must need to pay for that process or that future.

Making your online store

Train timing maintaining or managing your online store is the best and important process of the Instamojo because an online store should be a hassle-free experience have all you need and rested in to leverage the power of Technology. so, if you want to maintain your Instamojo online store that is a very very easy and very effective job in process and order and inventory management are so available in the Instamojo platform, and an inbuilt customer relation relationship management process also available in Instamojo because each and every customer are very important for our business. If you have a maintaining a very decent and a good relationship with the cast then you have huge orders from global level are if you get a better rating from the customer then your business will be reached very very high and ship your product with just a click from customers so that is very simple to place an order from the customer side. so, that is the best future available in Instamojo next manage all store leads mia1 dashboard because if you have a lot of idea about your online store Arif you have an idea for 2-3 online store that is a don’t worry about it. Because you can manage your 10100 online stores at one dashboard you don’t want to create each and every profile for each and every online store you can create 100 + online stores from one single profit. so, you can monetize are you can monitor your kitchen every stored by single profile dashboard that is a very big future available in instamojo.com the best and best future is Instamojo Android app to track and manage your store this is the best solution future available in the website. Because a lot of websites don’t care about their customers and there don’t have a looking about their partners who selling products to their customers but in Instamojo they have looked and they have to take care about their customer’s product tracking so this Android app will help you lose by each and every order if you want to track your first 200 order to contract every single order that is good right because each and every order are your business growing level or it increases using your business so that are browsers are available in Android app one big note is the Android app only for your online storekeepers. who are selling products in Instamojo, not for public or not for customer so this is the best future available in instamojo.com.

And one more thing this all features are available for free.

Best customer service

In this website, they have an inbuilt payment gateway in this in will payment gateway to provide us shameless setup and ongoing experience every other tool such as payment. Link from your online store so the online payment gateways are very very simple and very easy to live with your bank account or your PayPal account like that so you can instant payment from your customer with the direct process and they will get a little bit of commission from that order. so, don’t worry about it because the payment gateway is the very best process for the Instamojo website. so, if you don’t worry about any such kind of fraud activities away from any kind of cheating because the Instamojo websites are reviewed by Google also. so, this is the best payment gateway compared to other online portals and you can integrated shifting Service also available with Instamojo just you need to create your one single online store, and then they will take care of your business and your growth.

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