Easy to earn money by Knowmoreplatform website

How to make money by knowmoreplatform.com

Do you know how to design PowerPoint then you can make money on no more platform website? Because it’s basically a professional PowerPoint designer website. so you can earn up to 2,000 2500 USD per month by just walking 20 to 30 hours per week?

what is know more platform website?

They pay for PowerPoint designing project they are a lot of customers in global level for PowerPoint making and their offering your project to us they pay for our projects, this is the simple and most impressive website in 2020 for PowerPoint making freelancing website. If you can work 20 to 30 hours per week then you can make a thousand $2,500 per month so why are you waiting!

You don’t want to contact clients, the project manager will take care of the clients. so you can focus on you and money that you just want to make simple PowerPoint design and they will handle a lot of client-side and a lot of pressure. so you don’t want to maintain any pressure of the project site through the project manager will take care so you don’t worry of it and the feedback is very important to help you grow that is why you will receive feedback and direction to from 1 to 10 after every project, underrating and review is will decide your future project because if you are rating is high then a lot of projects will take over by your project manager and a lot of projects will be allocated by your project manager. so your rating is important for your father’s future projects.

In this website no pitching and fixed Holly peso no matter which type of project you will take care is which type of work you will do there is no matter for this website because the project you always get 8 USD per. so no more different from other financing platforms because you do not have to Pitch for projects and no matter the type of projects because they work and they are very comfortable for freelancers. If you know how to make PowerPoint and PowerPoint best then you can young 2500 to 3000 USD per month. Examples of what makes the no more platform different high-quality PowerPoint presentations at no more you can focus on PowerPoint visual no research no web design or other service. only you get the get to decide which projects you want to work on and how many projects you want to take on permanent. so it depends on you and your profile so you can choose your project and you can feel to your project because there is a no web designing or other services are you don’t have to do other projects you only want to do you you are PowerPoint projects what you to used before and what should be taken before the better you do the more you earn.

You get feedback on each and every project so you can improve and get more projects by your feedback and your review if your overall rating is 8 out of 10. Then you can select and pick more projects for your profile no matter how experienced a designer you are because they need an only capable trustable designer. only so how experienced you are our house knowledge you are there is no matter for them you need to understand the normal way that they have proper some videos. That will help you to do better on the platform because they have a lot of tutorial videos on what type of PowerPoint you want to make our which related content you need to make so you can learn there is no problem with 0 experience in this plate form.

How to register!?

It is a very easy process in normal website register and play the test and work on projects get paid sounds easy right if you deliver high quality in this website and high.

The registers are a very simple process simply put in your email address and remember that registration requires you to read and accept the terms and conditions. Because terms and conditions are very important in no more and any other platform and you will get a verified verification email in your inbox. And you need to confirm your email and after that, you need to pass Hona simple set test as soon as you clear the onboard test you are a part of the no more team because they need quality and trustable freelancers for their website. Because they have overall Global customers in the world so they don’t want to spoil their service and their reputation and their rating in the world of freelancing. so that’s why they need to clear that test And need quality PowerPoint designers and execute projects complete as many projects as you like and what whenever you want and wherever you can simply. you can work at your home and you can create your design and you can earn money from the website. this is the simple process for register registration.


Platform in a remote platform that they have professional and supportive connect data collected all the time and help you in every situation walking completely remotely with people is not easy at all but the team makes. It very easy to where they explain and the way they help is really great. so if you are a designer of a freelancer in PPT then you can choose no more platforms and you are the boss and you are the phone Boss of your own work be no more platform offers a good read that never ever other platforms than also I like the fact that I on my time in this website that Boss awesome. If you want to earn more then you work more if you want to rest you can and you are the boss of your work and you like walking on this site because people you encounter such as admins are so, professional and you are happy to work with them so, don’t worry to join and transparent process no more is very genuine because the process is very transparent project notification applying getting project and rating with is the most important thing that helps for self-improvement moreover learning is great and you gain knowledge from every single project so join with the normal platform and you can earn that is no Minimum requirements in terms of the horse are minute whenever you want to work you can work. so why are you waiting to go on sign up with no more platform?

Payment method new line no more platform has been owned payment method called PayPal Death Note bi ki or daily paper only once per month the payment method fixed early rate of 8 USD.

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