How to Earn by Website

I am going to teach you how to make money online, and this is one of the ways to make money online.

Way 1

Creating content and posting on our own website make money from there.

way 2

creating content and posting on our own blogging website and make money from there.

But there is a lot of traveling on creating content and posting there and make money from Google AdSense.

I have a wonderful idea to make money from your own website and blogging using alternative AdSense.

one of the wonderful and famous Google AdSense alternatives is

I know you have a lot of questions about how to join as 13 how to sign in at Sehra and how to make money from at 13 solutions so please follow my steps given below to activate your website or Blogging content to make money,

First I will go to give some comparison of adsterra to Google AdSense.

Number 1 

Google AdSense will not allow you are a website or blogging instantly but, adsterra will approve impatiently and they will provide you ads to show your website this is the most appreciate future and most welcoming future in

Number 2 

The Google AdSense will only show banner ads and native ads so you will earn very less amount from your traffic, but in adsterra they will lot of advertising type so you will earn more by your less traffic and here are some simple examples of the ads type pop-under ads, direct link ads, web push ads, rest ads, pop up ads native ads, industrial ads come floating ads, rotation ads, erotic ads, software ads alert ATS, ATS with sound, ads without sound, gambling Ads, and extra ( so you will earn more by your less traffic).

Number 3

This is friendlier than Google AdSense so you can easily withdrawal you can easily view your static page payment page reference page and API page and they will give a support page also for customer service if you have any problem to adsterra building payment or withdrawal payment something like that they will help you by anytime, and moreover it’s very very user-friendly.

Number 4

In Google AdSense they will only send payment after you will reach $100 that some minimum payout rate in Google AdSense but in adsterra when you are a user of WebMoney and paxum the minimum payout is $5 and the maximum payout is unlimited per day sounds like good right then why are you waiting guys go and join adsterra and earn more., I’m sorry you guys don’t know how to join and how to link the website, don’t worry I’m there for you guys I will teach you ✌.

Step 1 Sing up

Step 2 Login

Step 3 Add a website

Step 4 Waiting for verify

Step 5 Get code

Step 6 Paste code

Step 7 Start earning

Step 8 Withdraw

Step 9 Enjoy😊

Step 1 (sing up)

On this website less time to make an account compared to Facebook, so you can easily sign up and make money faster, in the signup form they will provide to the type of registration first owners as an advertiser and second owner as a publisher if you are an advertiser you want to click advertising form but we are not advertiser so we want select publisher, and it’s loading another page and in that page, you must give your website and your personal detail about payment payable repair or WebMoney like that and what’s your website nich about and extra.

Step 2 ( sing in)

After registration, you want to confirm your email address by the adsterra verification mail, and then only you will allow accessing your adsterra website account.
after sign in you will see a dashboard on adsterra website and then you want to click the dashboard for your basic information about adsterra and your account access and payment Security System update, and information about notice to their publisher and Can the security message is given below we are going to improve our Security System soon.

On the profile page, you will see a list of all your active login sessions into account, if you update your password and activation expert the one that you use now will be terminated after the release of the future all your current session will be terminated and you will have to login again to make sure no unauthorized station exit, any questions do not hesitate to contact the support team thanks from apterra team this is the security system update given by the asteroid team and another important update given by the adsterra team that is the new Google Chrome 64 version with the new Adblock future comes on January 23, all sites using so-called interest ads will be restricted from opening new Windows and are displaying some ad format at adsterra we stand for the publishers right to choose what ads to run on their own website, we have worked hard to earn the following solution that will allow our publishers to stay in business and through time same profits.

Anti Adblock Chrome 64 addition several options to bypass Google Chrome Adblock new pop up Court new and more profitable popup script new ad format at 13 is about release new at format hundred percentage complaint with Google ad experience rules and better at standard state tune all your current ad Court where updated on your n and you do not have to change anything
The next very big information in at Sarah dashboard is payment information that is our Bitcoin exchange partner the Essex just informed us that they are stopping Service until August 3 to 2017 due to the risk that BTC will be divided into two version all our business with Bitcoin payment option will be paid today July 31.

We will not be able to accept Bitcoin from our advertiser after 12 GMT July 31 until further notice thank you and another most important new future in our dashboard that message is extra has added a new payment method to our payment system collection the Bitcoin should you have a bitcoin wallet you may switch your payment method to Bitcoin in my account tab. Enter your personalized wallet number and then click save changes. coin Wiki Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and completely digital money. It is the first decent peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its user with no Central authorized or middle man from a user perspective pretty much like cash for the internet.

We are also expecting skill and net via to join our payment system correction in the nearest future stay tuned for the news, And another big information from the website team is the Introduction of our most effective at the format for mobile traffic the push up at an ideal and most popular non-aggressive at the format for mobile advertising that can increase your mobile revenue by 20 percentage push up the Pushp is defined as an auto pop and unit that shows up as a Centre Box with an additional text similar to mobile iOS notification and this format all mobile OS systems. This type of ad has a greater potential among mobile due to its non-aggressive design and can be easily closed without web browsing interruption push up at are very effective in motivating the mobile user to action and a CPA based. This is D notification or information from at 13 teams in the dashboard,
the next step is how to add a website to adsterra, for that process we want to go the website page in the asteroid dashboard the over of website adding page in asterisk is very simple and user friendly copy your URL of your website and you just paste the website URL on the adsterra adding website page let me how you will add your website on apps 13 and get approved and get all quotes to paste a website Step 1 you need to select add a new website( colour button ) and you will not see a lot of queries in AP 13 so that’s why it’s very user friendly they will show they will want URL of your website and you need to paste that website URL on website dashboard and then you want select which category website you have like your website based on tech you need to select Tech your website based on adult you need to select adult your website based on social then you need to select social your website based on movies you need to select movies your website based on URL shortener you need to select URL shortener your website page on MP3 you are you need to select MP3 if you are website based on sport then you need to select sport, if you are a website based on video hot then you need to select video host if your website based on converter you need to select converter if you are website based on torrents you need to select Torrent if you are website based on enemy you need to select any me if you are a website build on downloads you need to select download if you are based on vacant you need to select vacant, if you are website based on books you need to select books if you are based on none of the above criteria and category you need to select others.
This is part 1 of how to join in adsterra part 2 is coming soon so please wait.
                                             Thank you for visiting our site.

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