How to earn money by adsterra

Step1 and step2 were in the previous post so please check that for more information:
Step 3 (adding website)

The next step is how to add a website to adsterra, for that process we want to go the website page in the asteroid dashboard the over of website adding page in asterisk is very simple and user friendly copy your URL of your website and you just paste the website URL on the adsterra adding website page let me how you will add your website on apps 13 and get approved and get all quotes to paste a website Step 1 you need to select add a new website( colour button ) and you will not see a lot of queries in AP 13 so that’s why it’s very user friendly they will show they will want URL of your website and you need to paste that website URL on website dashboard and then you want select which category website you have like your website based on tech you need to select Tech your website based on adult you need to select adult your website based on social then you need to select social your website based on movies you need to select movies your website based on URL shortener you need to select URL shortener your website page on MP3 you are you need to select MP3 if you are website based on sport then you need to select sport, if you are a website based on video hot then you need to select video host if your website based on converter you need to select converter if you are website based on torrents you need to select Torrent if you are website based on enemy you need to select any me if you are a website build on downloads you need to select download if you are based on vacant you need to select vacant, if you are website based on books you need to select books if you are based on none of the above criteria and category you need to select others , and then you need to select what type of ADS you don’t want I like remove campanian with erratic ads software it’s a lot ATS at with sound gambling at reserve the ads you don’t want then you need to select I don’t want this type of ads. And mention one notice on the page please be aware that the more at you are loved the highest CPM you can expect, and you need to click the add button and finally, you add your website. If you don’t want to add this type of at then you need to cancel by the way we need to earn money so we need to add the next step is for the advertising platform is waiting….

Step 4 (waiting for verify)

This is very important in the process of adding your website because it’s very simple and very easy to just need to wait for only one minute if you add a website in another ad network like Google accent you need to wait for the approval like one or two days but in here at its very user-friendly for content creator so they will accept your website within a fraction of a second so you need to refresh your page that’s it the magic happened with no 1 second your website approved by our Tera team this is a very very simple process I never ever had before so I am recommended the beginner of bloggers and beginner of content creators like me, and finally, you will get approved by our team next you need to get code.

Step 5( get code)

And the next step is adding code. One this is one of the very important steps given below because this is the only way to connect your website to adsterra website so you need to be very careful of this process, once you connect your website to adsterra then they will notice approved the status is display then you need to select ad code and then you need to select a category like direct link pop under the push best erotic ads software alert at with sound gambling at then you need to find which add you want then you need to select that ad code and select the add button. And you will notice one pop up message will show on your page that contains the message of your request has been submitted you can place your ad quotes once they are approved then you need to select got it but done and finally they will provide you the ad code you need to change your code then simply you click all courts and going to add page then you will select another ad type like pop-under our native banners and then you will get the code if you want to change simple notification on your code then you can.

Step 6 (paste code)

This is a very simple and easy step because you need to paste that copied code of adsterra so you need to be careful of this process because this is the second way of you connect your website to adsterra website so you need to be very careful of this step. For the HTML user of a website or browser, you need to just paste the code between the head tag. If you are a WordPress user sir then you need to paste that code to your design page as given below. If you are going to cheating the website they will not allow following illegal activities.

1. They will not allow websites to swap.

2. They will not allow code swap.

3. Are VPN proxy server user they will not count the number of users given above,
If you are visitors or using the proxy they will not show the add to the user to you will earn less if you are the user will not use proxy VPN or third-party illegal VPN site they were allowed to show add to your user so you will earn more by your less traffic so please concentrate on that that will help you to more earn.

Step 7 (start earning)

And finally, you start your earnings, the life you can analyze your website statistics the at if you’re going to the home page you will notice 1 start button on the left side third button then you need to select the statistics page and the statistics page will appear, then only you can see your live time CPM and live time statistics of your website you filter the apps your nails by the country format are domain format you can add your several domains on this adsterra dot com so you can filter the income by the government also you can feel to your earnings by the date also. And the statistics page appears with the date column Impressions column clicks column CTR column and CPM Karam and finally the revenue column. your website city is very very important because CPM is known as click per member how many Impressions you have that’s not a matter of your income if you are income was very slow that the only one reason that’s called CPM below. CPM rate is high then you are revenue also highly, so please guys make sure please maintain your CPM is always Hai City are also a very important process on your running but CPM is more than the city so you need to focus on the CPM. Example for CPM is 0.2 dollars then you will get more money if you are CPM is lower than two cents you will get very low income so guys please concentrate on your CPM impression it’s not a matter of your earning in this website you can add multi-domain like multi-website to adsterra so you can earn more.

Step 8 (withdraw)

In Google AdSense they will only send payment after you will reach $100 that some minimum payout rate in Google AdSense but in adsterra when you are a user of WebMoney and paxum the minimum payout is $5 and the maximum payout is unlimited per day and moreover if you are a paper user it’s very sad information for you guys I am very very sorry the minimum payout rate for table user is $100 yeah that’s a big deal but $100 is a minimum payout for the table user and if you’re using Paypal the transaction commission is 225 percentage of pay of some depending on the completeness of payment info and the country of received and if you are a bitcoin user when calculating the Transfer amount to cryptocurrency the network fee is included the fee amount depends on the cryptocurrency exchange rate and network load please keep mind that Bitcoin rate is very unstable. If you are a webmoney user they will protect one percentage of pay out some if you are a paxum fix fee of $1 for every transaction if you are a bank transfer user then you need to pay dollar for USD bank transfer and $0 for European bank transfer you will need to provide a valid document in English required by our bank and the payments automatic no need to required them all payments are present in USD dollars the minimum period for Paypal Bitcoin USD are there there is $100 minimum payout of webmoney paksmpaxum is $5 and minimum payout of wire is $2,000 that sounds like big deal but that’s effect they allowed Bitcoin USD Paypal webmoney wire transfer so you can withdraw amount using by the four type of withdrawal method Paypal Bitcoin web money back from payments or instant but please keep in mind that three my beard time gap between detection of funds from your account will the moment you see them in your payment system balance wire transfer are usually arrive within 3 to 4 business days sounds like good right then why are you waiting guys go and join adsterra and earn more.

Step 9(enjoy)

Because using the adsterra you will earn more so will enjoy the money.

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