How to earn money by transcribing audio to a text file

How to earn by transcription audio to a text file

Hi, guys in this post we gonna see how to make money by transcribing audio to text file on the QA world website.

What is Qa world website :

It is basically part-time work for who need money from home, best online earning website in 2020, unit you need to convert one audio to text file format so they will pay Parvathi Parvathi transcription you have if you have good typing skills and strong comment of English you will be producing a high-quality transcript of audio calls. Then you will able to join a world website and you can earn more money by sitting at your home.


Access to a computer laptop or desktop internet access and headphones you do not need to own the computer You only need regular access to one so you don’t bother I don’t have a laptop I don’t have a computer. if you have your phone mobile phone with good internet and headphones that will be awesome for this website so don’t worry if you can make money on your own simple smartphone with headphones.

what is comfort !?

You can work from home with flexible hours at your own pace so you don’t need to go office are you don’t need to go any other else so you save a lot of time to work other things then you just need to work two to four hours only in this job so you have to manage a lot of time that serve the fast benefit of this website.

And second, think to join their brand online community of transcribers and you can learn more things about out of this website so you can hear from another website also so you can earn by QA world and you can learn bike world website for this is awesome to learn and develop your skills.

The third and final thing is to develop your English and transcription skills because it’s based on the English language so if you are ok with the English language and you can join this website of QA world and you can learn a lot of English by the native speaker so you can learn and you develop your English knowledge because English is most important in 2020 world so you can earn and you can learn from this website this is called one work and two benefits.

How to sing up :

The signs up process is very very simple because if you have a Gmail you can apply to the QA world website you don’t need to experience are you don’t need knowledge are you don’t need anything you need just simply 1 Gmail ID. so you can join easily and you can easily fast I will explain how to sign up with this website, in sign up form De you need to fill your Gmail address your first name and second name and finally you need to fill how to come to this website through the add our website at our front of referral or Nanna for others you need to select this type of forms because then need to know how they reach from others are how the website will be reached, so they need to collect this type of information from you that simple form that and Unity click. I am not Robot captcha button and that’s very simple everyone knows how to fill the I am not Robot captcha and then next you need to submit button and after ka submit button that will be a banner they showing, what is the content is given below ;

Thanks for applying you should shortly receive our reply from that will contain the link to wear short transcription test this is a quick test of your basic understanding of English audio compression spelling and grammar. If you pass you will be approved for paid transcription on the platform, in this message the clearly mentioned you need to simple knowledge about transcription if you don’t have any idea of transcription then you don’t need to apply because they don’t want time passes they need real workers so that’s why detecting simple mail or simple what do you then that’s very simple only on 10 seconds audio you need to listen and you need to convert that audio and after the test you if you pass then only they will allow into their world website or else if you do not pass the test I am very sorry you will not able to sign up with this QA world.

I do not receive an email from QA world

If you didn’t get any the mail within a few hours from the query world first of all check your inbox for a few hours or otherwise then next step is please go to the spam folder in Gmail check if any other message from select the reply message and join the quick test form and just pass it and go through the website and you can hear or otherwise if you don’t receive any mail from spam folder on inbox from the world then you need to resend the confirm nation email into a world on double check your email address and then you need to apply into a world.

Payment method :

Incurable direct the one Li way to get the money that is PayPal!

If you don’t have a PayPal account then first of all you need to do open a new PayPal account with your Gmail ID because your world based on only Paypal if you want money from QA word you need to open a PayPal account because they trust only PayPal.

Minimum payout :

Nowadays a lot of website pictures the minimum payout rate is very high Like $30 $40 $50 $100 but in this case on this website called a world website. They Pay not paying minimum amount or maximum amount, they Pay what you did in a week if you work for $1 they will pay $1 within 1 day after 7 days, and then if you work $100 for a week then they will pay $100 for you within one day they are payment method is weekly once. so don’t worry of it because there is no minimum maximum limit and QA world so why are you waiting guys go on sign up with the fewer world and doing your job at your home and enjoying your money and earn money and enjoy your life.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the QA world website, because they need virginal and real work so you if you cheat anything or if you did the illegal activity of QA world terms and conditions. They definitely block your id and immediately they will hold your payment so if you didn’t read these terms and conditions carefully then you will lose your money and you will lose your time so read it carefully.

Your access to and use of this service is conditioner rated on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms apply to all visitors users and other who access or use the service by accessing or using the service you agree to be bound by these terms if you agree with any part of terms then you may not accept the service so please be aware of it if you just lose any rule of future World then they will not allow to their website.

First access the service and its original content futures and functionality or and will remind the Exclusive property of test lodge Ltd and its licensors. The service is protected by copyright Trademark or Trademark and other laws of both the United Kingdom and foreign countries so it’s basically a United Kingdom-based website so you need to follow all rules based on the United Kingdom website. And their trademarks and trade dress may not be used in connection with any product or service without the prior written consent of test lodge Ltd so their terms and condition based on Tourist Lodge Ltd so you must need to cancel on it, the service may not contain links to third party websites or service that are not owned or controlled by dislodging Ltd test lodge Ltd has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the content privacy policies or practices of any third party website or service. if you want further knowledge and agree that test lodge Ltd shall not be responsible or liable directly or indirectly for any damage of loose caged or alleged to be caged by or in connection with use of or Reliance on any such contained good or service available on or through any such website or services.

They may terminate or suspend your access immediately without prayer notice or liability for any reason what over including without limitation. If you breach the terms, termination you right to use the service will immediately cease all previous of the terms which by their nature should serve termination shall survive termination including without limitation ownership preview action warranty disclaimers and limitation of liability.

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