How to earn Passive income for creating your own website

How to make money by creating a website?

First of all, you need an idea for your website what type of website you gonna make like which type of category like which type of which you will choose like computer technology and internet earning website or content website or top 10 for entertainment purpose news purpose be resolved. Both types of websites you gonna make because this step is very very important to make money, and moreover you need to select one particular needs for your website. which you can make content and which topic you know more than all things like I am a web developer so I’m creating a website like how to make a website and how to earn money online and how to money how to make money in typing jobs like that so you need to select what you know and what you gonna make you richer in your life.

Step 1:

This is a very important step because your audience will be impressed by each and every single content so you need to choose your own content so first of all, this is the main process and uses the main step so, if you are a doctor you need to choose your website like a medicine way if you are all test you need to choose your website like artist weight so what type of knowledge you have that is the idea of your website because that is very important so the first step you need to choose your website Idea and website content.

Step 2 :

Develop your idea like if you had one URL shortened website Idea ok first of all this is your Idea then you need to develop your idea because what is specialist you have in your website in future so that is very important to build your website and grow your traffic because you need to be unique in the internet website world. so if you are not in the update then you’re gone face a lot of struggles in your way so, the first thing you need to develop your idea very deeply and improvement is very important to create a website.

Step 3 :

After developing your idea you need to finalize your website design because the website design is the basic process and that is a more important process in the website created. Because a lot of new was going to improve by your design and a lot of view got impression by your first visit because the first impression is the very best impression. If you are out but the first impression is not satisfied are faithful to them then your website traffic will be very low are very down so you need to choose your website design that increasing post important in website creating.

Step 4:

And after finalizing your Idea and your design and you need to develop your uniqueness because a lot of shoes website and blogs are available on the internet. so you need to choose your unique Idea and you need to input the idea into your website content. For example, if you are a doctor so a lot of medicine websites are available on the internet so you need to so, all website what type of content is there is what type of content is missing there so you need to find that content. Because a lot of medicines websites commonly has medicine details and expiry date and like that but a lot of medicines website may not have contact details and how to they prepare the medicine and how they get medicine supply from that so this type of information is not there so if you find that then you’re gonna make a website based them so a lot of us does not get this knowledge from other websites so if you make this type of information in your website. That makes you unique babe and makes your traffic very high because they don’t get the set of information with that type of website so they automatically come to your website and there regularly come to your website so they giving you regular income and passive income to you!!

Step 5 :

After this all type of process you will find out your website what type of website you can make and what type of Myth is there and what type of design is there so, after that you need to choose what type of ADS you need to pace place in your website like if your technical person. Then you need to place technical type of at in your website if you are a website based on bikes of cars you need to place like bike are caused type of ads and if your website based on URL shortened and then you need to place that type of ADS only the URL website is not allowed by Google AdSense. so you will not earn money so this lot of restrictions are in Google attend so please be careful about it because this type of legal and illegal activity is not allowed by the bulletin. so please be careful about it because a lot of websites then you will select your adult content so then the actions will not approve the adult website. so please be careful and if you gonna make an adult website then do didn’t are you don’t want to apply to Google AdSense there are a lot of alternative options are available on the internet like at 13. If you do not select adult content and then you definitely choose your Google AdSense account because this is the best ad revenue on the internet on all time because they are the creator of Google so they are offering the best offer and their offering. Best CPM than their offering best CTR in the internet world so you must select Google assistant or otherwise there is a lot of Google alternative available are available on the internet. so don’t worry about it if you want to choose Google AdSense then choose if you want to choose another alternative at then you can choose because that basically based on your website, not a capacity to accept by Google AdSense you need to choose other AdSense approval. so, you need to select your website content and website based on so that makes you richer and you can earn money from the website so you need to select which type of AdSense you want are your website want so that is the very basic thing in website making.

These are the basic steps and rules and the next main process are available in Part 2, the part 2 link is click here.

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