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On this website there are paid for translating audio to text format so you know how to transcribe an audio file into a text file then you are the best person to make money on this website.

What is scribe.Com?

InScribe website, they offer a great opportunity to uses to improve their income by transcribing audio files and the work involves listening to the audio files and typing. It as accurately as possible on this website they need an accurate form of the audio file if you miss any audio then they will reject your project so please be aware of it you just need to go through a test process and get verified certified as a transcriber.

Works :

This website they fully based on the work from home concept because the users can work at their convenience and they’re possible and their flexible place. so they are offering only home-based job or work from home job so it is very simple to walk when you can do simply sitting your home and EP 852 $25 per add you for our pay rated in USD dollar if you did one-hour audio they Pay 52 $25. so, you can spend three years Birthday then they can give you 15 to $75 per day that’s very huge money in your day because you only spent three to four hours per day and you can earn more than 20 + USD dollars that see huge money to us, and their offering also short files 10 minutes or less than that but that is not recommended by me and the two hours theatre for each file their offerings because of every 85 minimum time duration as to ask then only you can earn more money in this website. And free automated transcript also available to save around 60 percent of typing effort if you installed or if you have automatic transcript format then you can save 60% age of typing effort in this website de promoting you also because they have multiple levels of workers the first level is transcriber and the second level is a reviewer and the Third Level is a self reviewer and the fourth level is a proofreader and fifth and final level is QC based on performance reviewer these are the available stages in this website. so if you work hard if you work but you will get promoted by day by day and a monthly bonus of $5 for each every 3 hours complete if you did only 3 hours in a month and they Pay bonus for $5 for your work and no obligation no monthly commitments are no minimum withdrawal and no commitments are no minimum work. so, if you want to do whenever you have time that this is a very convenient job in 2020 online and they don’t assignment file you get to preview and choose the file to work on so there assemble are there sending to any file that does not forget their offer to choose you because you know what you want to do so they are offering you so this is the very coolest job in online.


In this website transcription is very important to your money, transcriber is a very easy job because you know one language troll. Then you are a transcriber because you just want to listen to one add you and you need to type what exactly in that audio that said that that is a very simple process to make money. so, this is the transcriber job so you can easily make money in this website and their paid money for the files you transcribe on audio has basis lot of website for audio basis but De pays for your basis what type of audio and based on the duration of audio so readily they pay for each and every audio for each submission. your tribe website account will be credited with the appropriated dollar amount they Pay instantly with your scriber website account. Because a lot of websites they didn’t pay instantly but in this website there pay instantly to your account balance and your real names will a complicated and you can transfer it to your PayPal account at any time there is no minimum limit on your project because a lot of website offering projects but they fixed minimum amount of withdrawal is very high. But on here this website the minimum withdrawal amount is zero so you can earn and withdrawal anytime with a fraction of a second to your PayPal account. and after that you can transfer your PayPal account to your bank account there are no monthly commitments are minimum withdrawal limit payments are more than once a day so if you want to withdraw your money by every time they pay only once per day. so, please hold your payment and withdrawal once a day they will pay daily so don’t withdrawal with every project because they didn’t pay with every project to your PayPal they Pay with the every day only ones so with only one x Sunday school your payment and withdrawal huge amount that’s better for you and them.

Needs :

If you want to work on this website you need to know good compensation for English and the ability to interpret the conversation. Because, they basically transcribe audio from corporate events so the corporate conversations corporate meetings, and a lot of corporates webinars so, you need to know to interpret conversation ability because that the important thing on this website. so if you don’t know how to listen how to find the word of interrupting in conversation and this is very difficult to earn on this website. If you have a lot of knowledge of these interesting conversations then only you can earn more money Anta thinkers ability to apply contact and identify mistakes because first of all, you need to review your content by yourself. so you need to know how to identify mistakes in text format or content format then only you can apply in this website and the fourth one as a verified PayPal account limited to your bank account are your debit card or a credit card because they need only trusted and faithful workers for their website. so that’s the reason for this condition and vi on a laptop or desktop computer and with Internet connection because that this is very easy work so if you don’t want to any other external app or any other thing if you have a laptop or computer and if you have Chrome browser that’s it for this that enough for this I think so and did the basic criteria and the most important thing is headphone headset because you need to listen carefully on the transcribe content. so you definitely need headphones or a headset in this process because this is the way we must requirement on tribe MI website and this is the basic and very normal criteria requirements for these creamy websites. I think so this is an additional leave to screen skill they look for his ability to correct manually or automatically transcript and describe me will not be a good fit if you are looking for typing the only job because this is not typing only job guys this is transcribed website. so they do not accept an application from residents of California US or they are not able to complain about this complaint processes are they don’t need to want workers from California US they need workers from other countries accept two countries so if you are none of us and California then citizen then this is the best website to earn money online.

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